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Coronavirus: Treatment, vaccines, prevention

“Human challenge trials,” where healthy volunteers would be exposed to Covid-19, explained

As a journalist who covers philanthropy, one of the most frequent questions I get about the coronavirus crisis is how ordinary people can help.A couple things leap to mind.

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Why are fewer women dying from the coronavirus?

As the global death toll from the novel coronavirus mounts, evidence is growing that more men than women are becoming seriously ill — and dying — from the virus. In New York state as of April 9, for example, more than 60 percent of over 6,200 total deaths have been men.

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questions about coronavirus and masks, answered

After months of muddled messaging from different factions of the public health world, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released straightforward guidance in the middle of the coronavirus pandemic: Everyone in the US should wear a cloth mask or face covering while in certain public settings.

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Is the coronavirus airborne? It’s complicated.

A single case of measles can cause 12-18 other cases, because measles is “airborne” — particles of the virus linger in spaces for hours after sick people breathe or cough them out. This characteristic is uncommon, and it makes the measles virus one of the most infectious known to humans.

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